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The association (Education for Pakistan) was established in April 2011. The association whose duty is not to earn money but for charitable non-profit purposes aims the support of the educational system in Pakistan and the concrete support of a school project in Yasin Valley, northwestern Pakistan.

This private school teaches students from 12 years old a higher education and gives the children better job opportunities after 6 years of primary school.

The school is too small now and it was also damaged by the floods in August 2010 . We are now building a new, modern school with 14 classrooms on a flood-safe property. The estimated costs are about 30.000 Euro (USD 38.000). 4 Members of the 5-members managing committee attended the ceremonial opening of the first construction stage in July 2011 in Hundur to see the progress and also to build a personal relationship to the students and the people in the village.

The managing committee of the association consists of 5 people and is located in
29 Hochgarten

Head: Mag. Rudolf Gossenreiter
Representative: Mag. Norbert Krennmair
Clerk: Gerhard Scheuchenstuhl
Treasurer: Susanne Stadler
Representative: Sabine Perfahl

Everybody who reaches the age of majority, legal persons and legal Partnerships can get a membership. The yearly membership fee is 50 Euro You will find more information about the association inside the organizational statutes law on associations. 2002.

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