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(1) Purchase of school furniture

In spring 2010 I supported the school with 2000 Euro for buying school furniture It was build from the local carpenter. At last the children donít have to sit on the floor anymore.

(2)Immediate help for flood disaster

The flood disaster in August 2010 swamped big parts of Yasin Valley. Streets and bridges were washed away and many houses and other buildings were destroyed by the water. Fortunately the schoolís damage was not that big. For a few months it was used as accommodation for homeless villagers.

In September I sent 2500 Euro as immediate help to the schoolís principal Muhammad Karim. Some of this money was used for paying school fees for students whose parents had no money because of the floods.

(3) New building of a modern school

The rest of the 2500 Euro the principal used for buying a piece of property. He wants to build a new and modern school, which should have 14 class rooms for 180 students. The building of the school is funded by a local foundation and hopefully with good donations from our association.

(4) Sponsorships Ė Adopt a Student

Since August 2012 the Association ”Education for Pakistan“ supports needy students with sponsorships because many parents in Yasin Valley can hardly afford the monthly school fee of 200-365 Rupees (2-3 Euros). A sponsorship costs 60 Euros per year or 5 Euros per month. With that money we are able to pay the monthly school fee and to cover expenses for teaching materials and school uniforms.

A sponsorship is valid for one year. You are welcome to extend it for another year or even for more years. In case of non-prolongation the sponsorship may be cancelled in spoken or written form to the chairman of the Association “Education for Pakistan” Mr. Rudolf Gossenreiter ( Please send the money (60 Euros for 1 year or 5 Euros per month) via Paypal or Western Union or transfer it on our bank account in Austria:
IBAN: AT873427700002212215     BIC: RZOOAT2L277


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